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CASEMENT - a window sash that opens on hinges at the sides.

CLERESTORY - a wall of a room or of a building that rises above the roof and contains windows.

FANLIGHT - a semicircular window (often placed above a door or another window).

FENESTRATION - the arrangement and design of windows and doors in a building.

LIGHT - an opening in a window

MUNTIN - a strip separating panes of glass in a sash.

PANE - a piece of glass in a window

SASH - the framework of a window in which panes of glass are set.

TRANSOM - a window above a door (or a horizontal crossbar in a window or between a door and a window).

TRIPARTITE - a window composed of three parts.

Some types of windows...

Double Hung: Windows divided into two main sections. One section can slide up and down past the other one.

Casement: Windows that open on hinges at the sides.

Fixed: Windows that are designed to not open.

Some special windows...

Fanlight: A window, usually above a door, and semicircular.

Sidelight: Windows to the sides of a door.

Transom: A window, usually above a door, and horizontal.

Some dormer windows...

Dormer windows are windows that stick out of a roof and have a roof of their own. They can have different names, depending on what type of roof they have. Shown below are two examples:

Arched Dormer Window

Gabled Dormer Window

Some examples of different types of window sash...

6 over 6 sash is common in older buildings. In the old days, big pieces of glass were expensive, so windows were made from lots of smaller pieces.

9 over 6 sash is also common in older buildings for the same reasons.

These windows became more common after the Civil War.

This type of window is seen a lot in modern buildings.

This style was a popular feature on Bungalow homes.

This style was also a popular feature on Bungalow homes.

This window is very common on modern buildings.