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Local History


The Historic Landmarks Commission sponsors an E-Journal on local history.  Click here for April 2003 Issue.

1.  Driving and Walking Tours Of Neighborhoods

Click Here For Driving And Walking Tours

2.  Histories of Neighborhoods

Click Here For Histories Of Neighborhoods
Historic North Charlotte Dilworth
Biddleville Elizabeth
Fourth Ward Myers Park

Click Here For Brief Essays on Selected Neighborhoods

3.  Personalities

Click Here For Sketches Of Personalities

4.  History of Charlotte-Mecklenburg

Dr. Dan Morrill's History Of Charlotte-Mecklenburg - Index

Review of Thomas Hanchett's, Sorting Out The New South City

"The Growth of Charlotte: A History"

History of Independence Square- Charlotte, N.C.

Eastover School History, by Mary Lynn Morrill

Central High School - 1959, Charlotte, N.C.

Charlotte, N.C. 1961 - Wedding of Mary Lynn Caldwell Morrill and Dan Morrill

Duke Power Magazine Article (1938)

Charlotte Observer Newspaper Research - Index

Weeping Willow A.M.E. Zion Church Cemetery (Runnymede and Sharon Roads)

"Queen City of the South," publication by the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce Charlotte, N.C., 1944-45

"Historic Myth," from the Fall, 1996 issue of Charlotte Magazine

Edward Dilworth Latta, Charlotte's New South Developer, by Dr. Dan Morrill

Charlotte's Structures Circa 1920

Dr. Dan L. Morrill - Charlotte Observer "Thanks"

The Past has a Place in Charlotte's Present - The Demolition of Charlotte's Independence Building

Architecture During the Great Depression: A Study of Building Trends in Charlotte, North Carolina

Photographs of Charlotte in the Piedmont Region Publication, Gravure Illustration Company, Published in 1924

5.  Newspaper Articles on Historic Properties

Looking Back to the Future - August 17, 1979

Wrecker Claims Piece of Old Elizabeth

Old Rail Depot Saw History Come and Go - September 12, 1979

Museum Traces Charlotte's Past - August 16, 1979

Dilworth Home Named an Historic Property - April 10, 1979

Carr House - April 5, 1979

Changes May Affect Your Preservation - January 16, 1979

Road Threatens Alexander Farm - March 16, 1979

N. S. Alexander House Property in Charlotte Observer - February 23, 1980

St. John's Votes to Buy Funeral Home - March 5, 1979

A Special Building, The Independence Building - December 29, 1979

City Growth: A Tradition Planners Told - January 22, 1980

Dan Morrill's Five Buildings I'd Like to Have Back

Commission's Vote Aids Rebirth of Pickler Hotel - February 15, 1979

Some "Straight Through" Houses Were Stylishly Suburban

Wearn Home Historic? Don't Bank on It - February 14, 1979

6.  Overview of Charlotte Architecture

a.  Part One.

b.  Part Two.

6.  Fondness and Awe:  Dan Morrill has witnessed 48 years of transformation