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Special Notice:  The Commission is updating and revamping its website.  This will be a gradual process.  However, hereafter, much information, especially at the outset Commission business, will be on the new site.  You can visit it at:

About The Commission

1.  Current Roster of the Commission

2.  Explanation Of The Powers And Structure Of The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission

3.  Click here to learn more about North Carolina's Historic Landmarks Commissions

4.  North Carolina's Historic District Commissions

5.  State Enabling Legislation for Historic Landmarks Commissions

6.  Property Tax Deferral Legislation

7.  Eminent Domain Powers To Acquire Historic Landmarks

8.  The Historic Landmarks Commission is an agency of local government.                 

9.    1973 Joint Resolution Establishing The Historic Landmarks Commission, then Historic Properties Commission.

10.  1982 Joint Resolution Changing Membership Of The Historic Landmarks Commission, then Historic Properties Commission

11.  By-laws of the Historic Landmarks Commission

12.  History of the Historic Landmarks Commission

13.  HLC Commission Members and Staff at the 2013 Holiday Party

14.  HLC Presentation of Plaques, June 2014 Meeting

15.  HLC Policy Guidelines Manual