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Charlotte History: A Flashback to the '70s

In 1975, the Historic Landmarks Commission conducted a County-wide inventory of historic structures. Part of this project focused on Center City Charlotte. This gallery contains photographs of many distinctive buildings that have since been torn down. Maybe it's time to do another study.


The main auditorium of the Carolina Theater remains, but most of the distinctive street frontage of the building has been demolished. Here is what the Carolina Theater looked like on a hot summer day in 1975.

Architect C. C. Hook designed this beautiful storefront for Belks Department Store on E. Trade St. You know what happened to it. It was demolished to make way for another skyscraper.

Woolworth Department Store was an exciting place to shop. They had a lunch counter, gold fish, and a whole lot more.

Before it was torn down in 1983, the Wilder Building was one of Charlotte's most imposing skyscrapers.

This marvelous structure, designed by Charlotte architect Martin Boyer, stood in the 100 block of West Trade St. For most of its life, before it was torn down in the early 1980's, the building was the home of the S&W Cafeteria, a favorite local eatery.

The Trailways Bus Station stood on West Trade St. Like most examples of modern architecture, this building stirred no great interest before it was torn down.

The Charlotte Piedmont and Northern Freight Terminal stood on South Mint Street. Like all the P&N stations, it was designed by C. C. Hook.

Tanner's Soda Shop on North Tryon St. had delicious cream cheese and olive sandwiches. The orange juice was great too.