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Public Buildings of Mecklenburg County


Mecklenburg County's First Courthouse (1765)


This sketch of Mecklenburg County's first court house was drawn for inclusion in the 1931 yearbook of Charlotte Central High School.



Mecklenburg County's Second Courthouse (1845)


Mecklenburg County's second courthouse, in the Greek Revival style popoular in the mid-nineteenth century, is pictured on this old postcard from the collection of Mary Lynn Morrill.



Mecklenburg County's Third Courthouse (1898)


Also portrayed on a postcard, this is the only courthouse in Mecklenburg County that has had a dome.



Mecklenburg County's Fourth Courthouse (1928)


Dedicated on March 10, 1928, this classical revival building is adjacent to and complements the 1925 Charlotte City Hall.



Charlotte City Hall (1891)


In 1891, Charlotte erected this imposing city hall at the corner of N. Tryon and Fifth Sts. Designed by Gottfrid L. Norrman (1846-1909), the building housed all city services, including the police department and the fire department.



Charlotte City Hall (1925)


Charlotte's current city hall, the City Council selected the site on E. Trade St. for the City Hall because it was, "one of the most beautiful wooded areas of the city wooded in the city."