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Diversified Charlotte Businesses on 1940


Charlotte Wholesalers, such as the American Bakeries Company and A. K. Sutton, Inc. accounted for $224,566,000 in business in 1940, which represented a 79% increase from 1935 alone. This amount was about the same as the combined totals for the next five largest cities in the Carolinas.


Uptown Transportation Map


This map shows the major transportation arteries into uptown Charlotte in 1940. It is a major departure from the transportation network of today. U. S. Highway 21 south of uptown approximates the route of Interstate 77. U. S. 74 is still around, serving as the Independence Expressway on the east side and Wilkinson Boulevard on the west side. Trains are much less common and the airport has grown just a bit in the last sixty-plus years.

A. K. Sutton, Inc.



American Bakeries Company



Atlas Supply Company



Carolina Baking Company



The Hagood Building



Thomas Cadillac-Olds



Thomas & Howard Company