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Mecklenburg County Transporation: A Retrospective


Traffic is one of the biggest issues in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County today. Long before automobiles redefined our landscape, other modes of transportation served the area.

The Boulevard in Dilworth, as pictured in 1907. The road was meant for streetcars.


One of the new Mecklenburg County bridges built during the "good roads" initiative of Gov. Cameron Morrison.


A view of Mecklenburg County traffic in 1907... quite different than traffic today!


One of Mecklenburg County's early highways. This 1924 photo shows a state-of-the-art paved two lane highway.


In the 1920s, the mass transit option - the trolley- was beginning to face competition from the automobile.


Charlotte's underpass - "the underpass" - in 1924. Tremendous population growth and economic development in the 1920s shifted Charlotte's infrastructure toward what we see today.

Trolley traffic jam! For big events, streetcars were linked together to move large numbers of people quickly.