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Charlotte Streetcars: Behind the Scenes



Beach Osborne was in charge of completing construction of Streetcar 85.


Charlotte had an extensive streetcar system in the 1920s, one of the largest in the South. R. L. Wommack was the Superintendent.


"SPUCO" stands for "Southern Public Utilities Company". This car took workmen to the sections of track that needed repair.


Streetcars would be hooked together to form a train when large numbers of people had to be hauled to sporting events, like baseball games.


So-called "convertible cars" with open sides were put on the line in the summer. They were used for excursions, including picnics for Sunday School classes.


If you look closely, you can see two streetcars inside of the building. Another is headed out from the trolley barn, which still stands at South Blvd. and Bland St.


This car was used by the "Trouble Crew". Almost like a SWAT team, they were dispatched to deal with emergencies on the line.


This double-ended, convertible car took folks to Latta Park in Dilworth for balloon ascensions, baseball games, football games, or just for a ride on the lake.

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