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Early Charlotte Television


Sometimes we forget how influential television personalities can be. WBTV went on the air in 1949. It was the first television station in the two Carolinas. The photographs that follow were included in a fifth anniversary magazine for WBTV in 1954.

Signing On

Jim Patterson, an Asheville native, was the announcer that signed WBTV on the air in 1949.


Television Personalities

Alan Newcomb was from Clinton, N.C. He was a major television personality. He specialized as the host of public affairs programming.


Betty Feezor was the housewife's friend. She has a homemakers show. She cooked. She sewed. And she always talked.


Clyde McLean was the weatherman for many, many years at WBTV.


Fred Kirby

All the kids loved Fred Kirby. He was a singing cowboy. Among his haunts was Tweetsie Railroad.