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Annual Report 2003

A.  Accomplishments

1.  Certificates of Appropriateness (Excluding Minor Works)

    a.  Palmer Fire School

    b.  Chairman Blake House

    c.  Rozzell House

    d.  Sidney and Ethel Grier House

    e.  James A. Blakeney House property

    f.  Streetcar 85

    g.  Rural Hill

    h.  Treloar House

    i.  Charlotte Cotton Mills

2.  Historic Landmarks Designated

    a.  Bryant Park

    b.  Elmwood/Pinewood Cemetery

    c.  Lassiter House

    d.  Calvin Neal House

    e.  Washam Farm

    f.  Armature Winding Company

    g.  Newcombe-McElwee House

    h.  Parks Hutchinson School

    i.  Grand Theater

    j.  White Oaks Plantation (amended boundaries of landmark)

    k.  Oakley House

    l.  Chairman Blake House

    m.  Cedar Grove (amended boundaries of landmark)

    n.  Samuel Younts House

3.  Projects

    a.  Completion of the Education Pavilion at Rural Hill Plantation

    b.  Sold the Palmer Fire School

    c.  On-going restoration of the Charlotte Cotton Mills

    d.  On-going restoration of the W. T. Alexander House

    e.  On-going restoration of the Grier-Rea House

    f.  Acquisition of new site for the Grier-Rea House

    g.  Initiation of restoration of the Rozzell House

    h.  Sold the Croft Schoolhouse

    i.  Voted to perform due diligence for purchase of the Bethesda School

    j.  Voted to perform due diligence for purchase of Thrift P&N Station

    k.  Purchased the Grand Theater

4.  Miscellaneous Accomplishments

    a.  Securement of County purchase of the Southern Public Utilities Co. Streetcar Barn

    b.  Establishment of Procedure for Considering Exercise of Rights of First Refusal To Purchase

    c.  Directed Patricia Nystrom to consider range of less than fee simple acquisitions by the Commission, e.g. easements

    d.  Worked on Improved Form for Reporting Available Funds in the Commission's Revolving Fund

    e.  Conducted a Reconnaissance Survey of E. Trade St. Buildings To Be Removed For Uptown Arena

    f.  Voted to participate in funding for a Design Charette for former Uptown Charlotte Bus Terminal

    g.   Established ad-hoc committee to work with Parks and Recreation Department to devise a preservation strategy for all or some portion of American Legion Memorial Stadium

    h.  Held a public event at the Charlotte Cotton Mills to make public officials more aware of the work of the Commission

    i.  Agreed to sell Streetcar 85 to Charlotte Trolley, Inc

    j.  Voted not to continue with the prospective purchase of the Davis House

    k.  Developed traveling exhibit highlighting work of the Commission

    l.  Worked to secure the preservation of mural depicting major events of Mecklenburg history

    m.  Agreed to participate in the restoration of Highland Park Manufacturing Co. Mill No. 3 (subsequently became unnecessary)

    n.  Hiring of Academic Intern to work with highlighting African American historic landmarks

    o.  Voted To institute Survey of Uptown Historic Resources

B.  Considerations For Upcoming Year.

1.  The Commission should work to strengthen its Revolving Fund, which is the most innovative and effective tool developed by the Commission to safeguard historic resources.

2.  Maintain contact with County officials to assure that the HLC is given full consideration for placement of historic preservation bonds on the November 2004 Bond Referendum.

3.  Pursue the possibility of establishing a not-for-profit affiliate the sole purpose of which would be to provide greater flexibility for the use of the Revolving Fund monies.

4.  Seek to make the community at large more aware of the impact the HLC is having on the County.

5.  Seek to sell as many properties as possible, especially the Charlotte Cotton Mills and the W. T. Alexander Plantation.

6.  Seriously consider working with a developer to join with the Commission in an in-fill project at the Richard Rozzell property.