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Annual Report


1.  The Commission processed 27 Applications For Certificates of Appropriateness.  This compares with 31 in 2001.  Several properties received multiple Certificates. The owners of the following properties applied.

a.  Independence Park

b.  Rural Hill Plantation

c.  Nebel Knitting Mill

d.  Jake Newell House

e.  Charlotte Water Works Vest Station

f.  Hopewell Presbyterian Church

g.  Hugh Torance House and Store

h.  Beaver Dam

i.  Charlotte Cotton Mills

j.  W. T. McCoy House

k.  Grier-Rea House

l.  Biddle Hall

m. Ratcliffe Flower Shop

n.  William Lee House

o.  VanLandingham Estate

p.  Parks Cramer Building

q.  Highland Park Manufacturing Company Plant No. 3

r.  Bishop Mouzon House.

2.  The Commission received a Federal grant and completed a Survey of African American resources

3.  The Commission performed the following educational activities during the past year.

a.  Moving of total website to HLC staff control.

b.  Replacement of W. T. Alexander Slave Burial Ground Marker.

c.  Placement of Marker for Good Samaritan Hospital and holding of celebration at Ericsson Stadium.

d.  Development of exhibit for Historic Charlotte's "Blast For The Past."

e.  Coordinated survey of slave cemeteries for Comprehensive Genealogical Services during first half of year.

4.  The following properties are being processed for historic landmark designation.

Armature Winding Company

Park Hutchinson School

Newcombe McElwee House

White Oak Plantation Boundary Extension

Ratcliffe Flowers Building


5.  The following properties were processed for historic landmark designation but complications have arisen with respect to designation.

The Grand Theater

William and Rachel Newell Neill House

Southern Public Utilities Streetcar Barn

Mallard Creek Schoolhouse

Elmwood/Pinewood Cemetery

St. Mark's Rectory

Bryant Park

Charlotte Coliseum & Ovens Auditorium

Bradford Store

Jesse and Mary Washam Farm

Barry House Ruin

Douglas Airport W.P.A. Hangar

6.  The following properties were designated as historic landmarks.

Carolina Transfer and Storage Company

D. A. Tompkins Machine Shop Building

Bradford Farm

Sidney and Ethel Grier House

Home Federal Savings and Loan Building

Praise Connor and Harriet Lee House

McAuley House

Oehler House

East Ave. Tabernacle A.R.P. Church

Grier Rea House

Grinnell/General Fire Extinguisher Co. Complex

7.  The following major projects were undertaken.

Grier Rea House

Sidney and Ethel Grier House

Rozzell House

Charlotte Cotton Mills

W. T. Alexander House

Palmer Fire School

Rural Hill Schoohouse