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Annual Report For 2001

The Commission has directed the Consulting Director to prepare an annual report for the Historic Landmarks Commission and to distribute it each January.

A. The Historic Landmarks Commission has processed the following properties for historic landmark designation within the past year.

The Mecklenburg County Courthouse (Former)

Edward M. Rozzell House

W. T. Alexander Plantation Expansion

Electric Supply and Equipment Company

Charlotte Coliseum, Ovens Auditorium

Mallard Creek Schoolhouse

Elmwood/Pinewood Cemetery

Cedar Grove (Removal of portion of land)

Charlotte Dairy Queen

Coffey House

Bryant Park

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church Rectory

East Ave. Tabernacle A.R.P. Church

Grinnell/General Fire Extinguisher Company

The Commission also completed the Industrial, Transportation, and Educational Survey and secured a grant to conduct a Survey of African American resources.

B. The Commission processed the following Certificates of Appropriateness within the past year. Minor Works Certificates of Appropriateness were issued by staff after consultation with the Chairman of the Design Review Committee.

McElroy House (Interior and Exterior Renovations)

Rural Hill (Building of a Barn)

Morrocroft (Interior and Exterior Renovations)

Helms-Bell House (Interior and Exterior Renovations)

Rural Hill (Approval of Master Plan in Concept)

Robinson House (One Year Delay of Demolition)

Charlotte Cotton Mills (Roof Repair and Skylight Renovation)

Independence Park (Landscaping for Elizabeth School)

Parks Cramer Company Complex (Site Improvements and Exterior Alterations)

Parks Cramer Company Complex (Alterations of Interior of Building)

Parks Cramer Company Complex (Demolition of Building B)

C. The Historic Landmarks Commission took the following actions with respect to its Revolving Fund within the past year.

Authorized staff to move ahead with acquisition of the Palmer Fire School.

Terminated the listing of the Croft Schoolhouse with Percival’s and placed it with Springsteed Realty.

Terminated the Buyer’s Agent agreement with First Charlotte Properties

Notified the Division of Archives and History that the HLC believes the Gluyas House meets the criteria for listing in the National Register of Historic Places.

Authorized the moving of the McAuley House to the Oehler property.

Approved in Concept that the HLC will accept ownership of the Dr. George E. and Marie Davis House, restore the house, and sell the house to Johnson C. Smith University.

Purchased the Ratcliffe-Otterbourg House from Historic Charlotte, Inc.

Purchased the Edward M. Rozzell House

Made an offer to purchase the Mt. Zion Lutheran Church on Luther Street. Another buyer secured the property and has preserved it.

Directed staff to pursue purchase of an easement and additional land at the W. T. Alexander property.

Made an offer to purchase the Grier House on Tilley Morris Road\

Pre-qualified six architectural firms for work on HLC Projects.

Hired Joseph K. Opperman as project architect for the McAuley House and Oehler House Projects, Don Yelverton as project architect for the W. T. Alexander Project, Donny Luke as project architect for the Rozzell House Project, and Jack Copeland as project architect for the Charlotte Cotton Mills Project.

Entered into agreement with owner of the Grier House on Rea Road to investigate the feasibility of accepting the house as a donation and moving it to another suitable location.

Began restoration of Building B of the Charlotte Cotton Mills.

D. The Historic Landmarks Commission took the following actions in the area of education.

The establishment of an Internet Journal and the hiring of Paula Stathakis to serve as editor.

Obtaining agreement from W.T.V.I. to produce a series of one-minute spots on the history of neighborhoods in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

Placement of a historic marker noting the location of the W. T. Alexander Plantation Slave Cemetery.

Placing order and receiving the historic marker noting the location of the Good Samaritan Cemetery.

Priorities For 2002

Continue designation process for properties in the Post World War Two Survey and the Industrial, Transportation, and Education Survey.

Encourage Historic Charlotte, Inc. to move to its own offices, so that the Commission can use the front room as an office and small meeting room.

Upgrade computer system, especially networking with the County and easier access to the Internet.

Sell or lease the Croft Schoolhouse.

Complete the Rural Hill Schoolhouse project.

Investigate potential public uses for the W. T. Alexander Plantation House, especially as a adjunct facility for UNCC.

Seek to participate in a future bond referendum to supplement money in the HLC’s Revolving Fund

Respectfully submitted


Dr. Dan L. Morrill