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Lupie's Cafe is one of Charlotte's best Southern-cooking restaurants!  With an eclectic atmosphere and savory Southern food, Lupie's Cafe has heart, a whole lotta' soul, and mouth-watering food!

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Original Concept and Design of Charlotte College (1957-1965)

Isaac Newton Alexander Grist Mill

Antique Hand-Powered Pump Engine

Jack Claibone Interview 1

Jack Claiborne's Interview 2

Lupie's Cafe

Mallonee-Jones House

Charles Christian Hook

Charlotte Fire Station No. 2

Charlotte Fire Station No. 6

Historic Preservation Revolving Fund

Importance of Modern Architecture

Biddle Hall

Mecklenburg County Rosenwald Schools

Charles Christian Hook

R. F. Outen Working At Outen Pottery

Charlotte - Mecklenburg County is quickly losing its farms and farm life. But some elements of our rural landscape have been preserved, including fascinating ruins of plantation homes and slave cemeteries that shed light on our past.  What rural landmarks have we successfully saved in Charlotte?  What have we lost?  And what are the fights going on now?

Rural Mecklenburg:  A Vanishing Way Of Life (Youtube)

A major effort is underway to transform the W. Trade St. - Beatties Ford Rd. Corridor in Charlotte.  This area was the in many ways the birthplace of the civil rights movement in Charlotte.  Indeed, attorney Charles Jones organized the first sit-in Charlotte.  He speaks about this and other issues in the following video.

Interview of Charles Jones (Vimeo)

Interview of Charles Jones (Youtube)

The Commission is beginning the process of producing a documentary on public art in Charlotte.  Hugh McColl, Jr., former head of Bank of America, discusses public art in the following video.

Interview of Hugh McColl, Jr. (Youtube)

Interview of Hugh McColl, Jr.  (Vimeo)

The Commission is beginning the process of producing a documentary on the history of the Thompson Orphanage.  Part of the project involves interviewing former residents.  Note the interviews below.

Interview of Emily Chadwick. (Vimeo)

Interview of Milton Hopkins (Vimeo)

Interview of Boyce and Buddy Gray (Vimeo)

Interview of Beverly Homewood Davis (Vimeo)

Interview of Stella Henson Griggs Batson (Vimeo)

The Commission is also conducting interviews of academics who deal with issues related to orphanages.

Interview of Dr. Richard Lewis Herman-Smith (Vimeo)