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1.  In 1997, the Commission conducted a comprehensive inventory of rural historic sites and places in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.   This survey formed the basis of the Commission's request for additional money for its Historic Preservation Revolving Fund.

a.  Click here to read rual context statement.

a.  Click here to review endangered rural historic sites and places.

b.  Click on pages below to read summaries of all rural properties identified.

page one

                  1) Mt. Holly - Huntersville Road: the J. Francis Abernathy House, the James Samuel Abernathy

                      House, and the Richard Blythe Abernathy House

                  2) Shamrock Drive: the Hezekiah Alexander House

                  3) Briar Creek:  Isaac Newton Alexander Mill Ruin

                  4) Beatties Ford Road: John Milton Alexander House

                  5) Mallard Creek Church Road: W.T. Alexander Slave Cemetary

                  6) Ramah Church Road: Barnhardt House

                  7) Davidson - Concord Road: Beaver Dam


page two

                  1) Blakeney Heath Road: James A. Blakeney House

                  2) Beatties Ford Road: Richard F. Blythe House

                 3) Davidson - Concord Road: Bradford House, Bradford House & Store

                 4) Steele Creek Road: Byrum Bungalow, Byrum Cottage, William Lester Byrum House

                 5) off NC 115: Caldwell Station School


page three

                1) Caldwell Road: William Caldwell Farm

                2) Gilead Road: Cedar Grove

                3) Rocky River Road: Joseph Cochran House,  Samuel Elam Cochran House

               4) Shopton Road: Coffey House

               5) Community House Road: Community House

              6) Mt. Holly Road: Connell House

             7) Dixie River Road: Cooper Log House

             8) Mt. Holly - Huntersville Road: Dr. Walter Pharr Craven House

             9) NC 115: Joplar or Bill Jack Alexander Store/Filling Station

            10) Bob Beatty Road: Croft Schoolhouse


page four

            1) Neck Road: Davidson School , and the Old Davidson School

            2) Old Statesville Road: Davis Brothers General Store, S.W. Davis House

            3) Shearer Road: John Deaton House , John Dinkins House & Lodge

            4) Christie Lane: John Douglas House

           5) Eastfield Road: Edgewood Farmhouse

           6) Concord Road: Ewart House

           7) East Rocky River Road: Farm

           8) McKee Road at Weddington Road: Fincher Farm


page five

           1) Galloway Road: Henry Galloway House

           2) McKee & Tilley Morris Roads: Grier Farm, and Hennigan Place

           3) Brown - Grier Road: John Grier House

           4) Steele Creek Road: William Grier House Hayes - Byrum Store

           5) Arlington Church Road: Hinson Store

          6) Rocky River Road: Eugene Wilson Hodges Farm

          7) Neck Road: Holly Bend

          8) Hood Road: John M. Hood House

         9) Beatties Ford Road: Hopewell Presbyterian Church, T-plan style House

         10) Hawfield Road: Hovis - Spratt House

         11) Brown Mill Road: Hubbard Dairy Farm


page six

         1) Bud Henderson Road: Ingleside

         2) Hus McGinnis Road: Jordan House

        3) Arlington Church Road: Kerr - Hinson House

        4) Jim Kidd Road: James B. Kidd House

        5) Sample Road: Latta Place

        6) Neck Road: James L. Lawing House

       7) Lawyers Road: Lee House

       8) Gaywind Drive: William Lee House

       9) Mt. Holly - Huntersville Road: R. S. Luckey house


page seven

        1) Mallard Creek Road: Mallard Creek School

        2) Mayes Road: Mayes Farm,  Mayes House

        3) Mt. Holly Road: McClure Realty

        4) Beatties Ford Road: William L. McConnell House, McElroy House

        5) Shopton Road: McCorkle House

        6) McCoy Road: McCoy Slave Cemetery

        7) Idlewild Road: Morning Star Lutheran Church

        8) Tom Short Road: Morris House

        9) Margaret Wallace Road: John R. Morris Farm

       10) Hiawassee Road: Motley House


page eight

        1) off Shopton Road: Samuel Neel House

        2) McCoy Road: Oak Lawn

        3) off Huntersville - Concord Road: Oehler House

       4) Neck Road: R. Parks House

       5) Smith Road: Robert Potts, Jr. House

       6) Providence Road: Providence Presbyterian Church

       7) Steele Creek Road: Dr. Richard Z. Query House

       8) Ramah Church Road: Ramah Presbyterian Church

       9) Steele Creek Road: Robinson House

      10) Marvin Road: Dr. J.J. Rone House


page nine

       1) North Tryon Street: Rosedale

       2) Dickie Ross Road: William Ross House

       3) Neck Road: Rural Hill

       4) Mt. Holly - Huntersville Road: Saint Mark's Episcopal Church and Rectory

       5) Moore's Chapel Road: Dr. Thomas T. Sandifer House

       6) Steele Creek Road: Shoaf House

       7) Concord Road: Mayes House

       8) Ramah Church Road: Sidney House

       9) Steele Creek Road: Steele Creek Presbyterian Church and Cemetery

      10) Steele Creek Road: Steele Creek Presbyterian Manse


page ten

       1) Back Creek Church Road: Stroup Farm

       2) Moore's Chapel Road: Thrift Mill,  Thrift Mill Village,  Wilkinson-Mitchell House, George Williamson House

       3) Sullins Road: Thrift Mill Village Cemetery

       4) Old Mt. Holly Road: Thrift P&N Depot

       5) Old Statesville Road: Tomlinson-Wilson House

      6) Gilead Road: Torance Store Torance Mill

      7) Davidson - Concord Road: Washam Farm

      8) Nations Ford Road: WBT Transmitter Building

      9) Tuckaseegee Road: Richard Wearn House

     10) Hood Road: White Oak Plantation

     11) Hillside Drive: Dr. Whitley's Office

     12) Bain School Road: John Calvin Wilson House

     13) Mt. Holly-Huntersville Road: W.P. Wilson House

     14) Moore's Chapel Road: Wrisdon-Sadler House


d.  Click here for map showing location of rural properties.

2.  Photographs convey the routine of farm life in early twentieth century Mecklenburg.  Click here to see.

3.  The Gluyas family operated a farm in the second half of the nineteen the century.  The Survey and Research Report contains some graphic photographs.  Click here to see.