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1.  Overview of Charlotte Architecture.  Dr. Tom Hanchett has written a comprehensive analysis of the evolution of the built environment of Charlotte-Mecklenburg.  Click below to read his findings.

a.  Part One.

b.  Part Two.

2.  It is important to have some knowledge of the basic elements of buildings.  Click on the hyperlinks below to see examples.

a.  Roof Types

b.  Window Types

c.  Types of Brick Bonds

d.  Components of Stairs

e.  Components of Walls

f.  Patterns of Stone Work

g.  Components of Floors

h.  Types of Arches

i.  Log Construction Techniques

3.  A Guide To House Styles.  Click here to review.

4.   The Rise of Colonial Revivalism

5.  Landscape Architecture.  Click here to read Brian W. C. Sturm's "The Evolution of Green Space."

6.  The Historic Landmarks Commission is especially interested in the post World War Two architecture of Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

     The Modernist Manifesto Article/Preservation Magazine, May/June 2008

     a.  Click here to read the contextual statement for Charlotte's post World War Two Built Environment.

     b.  Click here to read the post World War Two structures that have been judged eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.

     c.  Click here to read the Survey and Research Report on the P. Connor and Harriet Lee House.

     d.  Click here to read the Survey and Research Report on the Home Federal Savings and Loan Building.