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Center City Survey Of Historic Places

Principal Investigators:  Stewart Gray, Dr. Dan L. Morrill


The Historic Landmarks Commission is conducting a survey of historic places in Uptown Charlotte.  This survey will generate a list of properties that the Commission believes warrant consideration for historic landmark designation.  Listed below are the preliminary findings of the survey.  This document will be changed throughout the survey process.

Contextual Essays.

Bridges (3)  Click Here For List

High Rise Buildings (3)  Click Here For List

Industrial/Commercial  (21)  Click Here For List

Institutional  (10)  Click Here For List

Residential (7)  Click Here For List

Retail  (8)  Click Here For List

Historic Districts (3)

List Of Potential Historic Landmarks and Historic Districts

Individual Landmarks


1.  Alexander Street School  (Institutional) Destroyed 11/04

2.  Alpha Cotton Mills Village  (Residential)

3.   American Brokerage and Warehouse  (Industrial/Commercial)

4.  B. F. Avery and Sons Plow Company  (Industrial/Commercial)

5.  William R. Barringer Hotel  (High Rise Buildings)

6.  Blandville House  (Residential)

7.  William Bratton House (Residential)

8.  Carolina Rim and Wheel (Industrial/Commercial)


9.  Carolina School Supply  (Industrial/Commercial)

10.  Charlotte Civic Center  (Institutional)

11.  Charlotte Fire Department Engine Co. # 4  (Institutional)

12.  Charlotte Observer Building (Industrial/Commercial)

13.  Charlotte Union Bus Terminal  (Demolished during Survey)

14.   Court Arcade  (Industrial/Commercial)

15.  E.I. Dupont Building (Industrial/Commercial)

16.  Elizabeth Apartments  (Residential)

17.  First National Bank (High Rise)

18.  First Presbyterian Church  (Institutional)

19.  First United Methodist Church  (Institutional)

20.  Frye Chevrolet Company  (Retail)

21.  The Great A&P Tea Company Warehouse  (Industrial/Commercial)

22.  Guthery Apartments  (Residential)

23.  Harding High School  (Institutional)

24.  Home Finance Company  (Retail)

25.  Cato Stores Inc. Building  (Industrial/Commercial) Recently altered and has lost integrity.

26.  Hovis Funeral Home  (Retail)

27.  Interstate Mills  (Industrial/Commercial)

28.  Ivey's Department Store  (Retail)

29.  Montaldo's  (Retail)

30.  W. C. Newell Company Warehouse  (Industrial/Commercial)

31.  North Myers Street Duplex  (Residential)

32.  North Tryon Street Railroad Underpass (Bridges)

33.  People's Ice and Coal Company  (Industrial/Commercial)

34.  Queen City Foundry  (Industrial/Commercial)

35.  John B. Ross Warehouse  (Industrial/Commercial)

36.  Sears Roebuck and Company (Retail)

37.  Second Ward High School Gymnasium  (Institutional)

38.  Southern Railroad Bridge Over Piedmont & Northern Railroad  (Bridges)

39.  Southern Spindles & Flyer (Industrial/Commercial)

40.  St. Peter's Episcopal Church  (Institutional)

41.  St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church  (Institutional)

42.  Standard Oil Station (Retail)

43.  Standard Oil of New Jersey  (Industrial/Commercial)

44.  Union Storage And Warehouse Company (Industrial/Commercial)

45.  Virginia Paper Company Building (Industrial/Commercial)


46.  Wachovia  Bank and Trust Building (High Rise Buildings)

47.  West Avenue Presbyterian Church  (Institutional)


48.  West Sixth Street Railroad Underpass.  (Bridges)

49.  Western Newspaper Union Building (Industrial/Commercial)

50.  Whitman-Douglas Company  (Industrial/Commercial)

51.  White's Commercial Service  (Industrial/Commercial)


52.  Woodlawn Ave Apartment (Residential)


Historic Districts

53.  Irwin Park Historic District

54.  McNinchville

55.  Woodlawn Historic District