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(this is an older photograph of the cabin)

The Stafford Plantation Log Dwelling


1.  Name of Property if any: Stafford Plantation Log Dwelling


2.  Street Address, including City and Zip Code:

Plaza Road Extension

Charlotte, NC 28215


3.  Date added to Study list:  11/11/2002

4.  Tax Parcel Number of Property:  15701517 


5.  Owner of Property:  Owner does not want his name nor address made public.


6.  Current Owner's Contact Information:  Owner does not want his name nor address made public.


7.  Period or Date of Construction:  1850


8.  Source of Information for #7: Mecklenburg County Tax Records


9.  Present use of Property:  j

a. Agricultural, b. Commercial, c. Educational, d. Entertainment, e. Government, f. Industrial, g. Military, h. Museum, i. Park, j. Private Residence, k. Religious, I. Other


10.  Architectural Style:  Log Cabin


11.  Architectural Significance:  b

a. Outstanding, b. Excellent, c. Notable, d. Commonplace


12.  Map Showing Location of Property:



13.  Paragraph Briefly Summarizing Known History Of The Property:


The Stafford Plantation Log Dwelling (MK 2309) is very likely the earliest surviving example of African American housing in the county. This small single-pen log house is constructed of squared logs joined with half-dovetail joints. This form of construction was practiced in the late 18th century by the early settlers of the county and is found in the ca. 1793 Hugh Torrence House and Store. Trees were felled and then hewn into square timbers, which were then usually pit-sawn into narrower timbers. This construction practice continued in Mecklenburg County until the last years of the 19th century. While no other known slave housing exists in the county, this simple building type was surely utilized by many of the estimated 6,800 slaves living in Mecklenburg in 1860.