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The Lucas House


1.  Name of Property if any:  Lucas House


2.  Street Address, including City and Zip Code:

265 Cherokee Road

Charlotte, NC 28207


3.  Date added to Study list:  10/13/2008

4.  Tax Parcel Number of Property:  15507406 


5.  Owner(s) of Property:  JOHN D. BOND, III & LAURIE E. BOND


6.  Current Owner's Contact Information: 



7.  Period or Date of Construction:  1929


8.  Source of Information for #7: Mecklenburg County Tax Records


9.  Present use of Property:  j.

a. Agricultural, b. Commercial, c. Educational, d. Entertainment, e. Government, f. Industrial, g. Military, h. Museum, i. Park, j. Private Residence, k. Religious, I. Other


10.  Architectural Style:  Georgian Revival

11.  Architectural Significance:  b

a. Outstanding, b. Excellent, c. Notable, d. Commonplace


12.  Map Showing Location of Property:



13.  Paragraph Briefly Summarizing Known History Of The Property:

Numerous variations on the Colonial style followed. Among them was the brick residence designed in 1931 for John Paul Lucas, Jr., and his wife Alice at 265 Cherokee Road. 36 Martin Boyer created a five-bay, symmetrically-arranged main block framed by pilasters and flanked on either side by two-story gable-roofed wings of unequal height. The groupings of two interior chimneys may have been inspired by those of Stratford Hall, Robert E. Lee's ancestral home in Virginia. Lucas was an important part of the electric utility industry that was helping to draw textile mills to the piedmont. He served as vice president of Southern Public Utilities Company and North Carolina Public Service Company when he moved into his new house.