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The C.C. Coddington Building

1.  Name of Property if any:  C.C. Coddington Building

2.  Street Address, including City and Zip Code:

500 W. Trade Street

Charlotte, NC 28202

3.  Date added to Study list:  1/9/2012

4.  Tax Parcel Number of Property:  07805503

5.  Owner of Property: Trade Street Associates, LLC

6.  Current Owner's Contact Information:

C/O Crosland LLC

5960 Fairview Rd.

Suite 200

Charlotte, NC 28210

7.  Period or Date of Construction:  1925

8.  Source of Information for #7: Mecklenburg County Tax Records

9.  Present use of Property:  Currently vacant (January 2014)

a. Agricultural, b. Commercial, c. Educational, d. Entertainment, e. Government, f. Industrial, g. Military, h. Museum, i. Park, j. Private Residence, k. Religious, I. Other

10.  Architectural Style: 

11.  Architectural Significance:  b

a. Outstanding, b. Excellent, c. Notable, d. Commonplace


12.  Map Showing Location of Property:


13.  Paragraph Briefly Summarizing Known History Of The Property:

Built by Charles Campbell Coddington, a leading businessman in Charlotte, both as a distributor for Buick automobiles and owner of Radio Station WBT in 1925.  For a short time the first floor of the building was used as a Buick dealership and the upstairs

served as office space.

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