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Special Notice:  The Commission is updating and revamping its website.  This will be a gradual process.  However, hereafter, much information, especially at the outset Commission business, will be on the new site.  You can visit it at:

1.  Blankenship Oil & Feed Store

2.  Younts General Store

3.  Park Ave. Cotton Mill House

4.  Oakley House



5.  Phillips House and Morris Barn

6.  Robinson Rock House Ruin

7.  Funderburk Grist Mill and Blacksmith Shop

8.  Funderburk Commercial Row

9.  Funderburk Plaxco House

10.  Outen Pottery

11.  Delburg Cotton Mill House

Image result for croft school Mecklenburg

12.  Croft Schoolhouse

Image result for croft school Mecklenburg

13.  S. W. Davis House

Image result for Torrence Lytle School

14.  Torrence Lytle School

15.  Oaklawn

16.  Ingleside

17.  Bathesda School

18.  Dr. George E. and Marie Davis House

19.  Wearn House

20.  McQuay House

21.  Park Road House

22.  Lucas House

23.  W. G. Rogers House

24.  Atherton Cotton Mill House (under contract)

25.  Palmer Fire School

26.  W. T. Alexander House

27.  Shotgun Houses

28.  White Oak

29.  James B. Duke Mansion

30.  Grier-Rea House

31.  James Blakeney House

32.  Charlotte General Motors New Look Bus

33.  Charlotte Cotton Mills

34.  Charlotte Fire Station No. 4

35.  Grace A. M. Zion Church

36.  Hand Pharmacy

37.  N. S. Alexander House

38.  Erwin-Oehler House

39.  Streetcar 85


40.  Mercury St. Mill House

41.  Alexander St. Mill House

42.  Rural Hill Farm

43.  Ratcliffe-Otterbourg House

44.  Edward Rozzelle House