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Taylor-Shapiro House

1.  Name of Property if any:  Taylor-Shapiro House

2.  Street Address, including City and Zip Code:

5228 Carmel Park Drive

Charlotte, NC 28209

 3.  Date added to Inventory list:  4/9/2001

4.  Tax Parcel Number of Property:  18711203 

5. Owner(s) of Property:  FRANK AND ELIZABETH GASKILL

6.  Current Owner's Contact Information: 


7.  Period or Date of Construction:  1949

8.  Source of Information for #7: Mecklenburg County Tax Records.

9.  Present use of Property:  j.

a. Agricultural, b. Commercial, c. Educational, d. Entertainment, e. Government, f. Industrial, g. Military, h. Museum, i. Park, j. Private Residence, k. Religious, I. Other

10.  Architectural Style:   Modern

11.  Architectural Significance:  b

a. Outstanding, b. Excellent, c. Notable, d. Commonplace

12.  Map Showing Location of Property:


13.  Paragraph Briefly Summarizing Known History Of The Property:

Platted in May of 1949 by L.M. Oglukian, the owner of a nearby Oriental rug store, Carmel Park exemplifies naturalistic subdivision design. The neighborhood has curving streets, a “loop” road, areas of dense woodland, and five ponds.  Completing the theme, the lots in Carmel Park are quite large, ranging from 1 1/3 to 1 2/3 acres. Deed restrictions played an important role in shaping the neighborhood during its development. The following items were required of new owners: the lot would be owned and occupied only by whites; it would be used only for residential purposes; only one residence of at least 1500 square feet (for one-story, 800 sq.ft. lower level space for two-story); such residence would cost at least $15,000; and the residence would be constructed at least 100 feet away from the street.

Architecturally, there is a relatively even mix of Colonial Revival; Ranch, Not Modernist; and houses classified as “other.” When compared with the other nine subdivisions surveyed, Carmel Park had the third highest concentration of Modernist houses of all types (8.3%) and the lowest concentrations of Colonial Revival Ranch (6.35%) and split-levels of all types (0%).

Please note that all of the following owners were found in the 1970 City Directory, the first suburban directory that was published, and may not reflect the original ownership except in the case of the Taylor-Shapiro House where a more thorough report was available.

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