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Akers Motor Lines

1.  Name of Property if any: Akers Motor Lines


2.  Street Address, including City and Zip Code:

4101 South I-85 (Service Road) or Equipment Drive
Charlotte, NC


3.  Date added to Inventory list:  4/9/2001


4.  Tax Parcel Number of Property: 

5.  Owner(s) of Property: 


6.  Current Owner's Contact Information:  


7.  Period or Date of Construction: 


8.  Source of Information for #7: Mecklenburg County Tax Records.


9.  Present use of Property:  b

a. Agricultural, b. Commercial, c. Educational, d. Entertainment, e. Government, f. Industrial, g. Military, h. Museum, i. Park, j. Private Residence, k. Religious, I. Other


10.  Architectural Style: 

11.  Architectural Significance: 

a. Outstanding, b. Excellent, c. Notable, d. Commonplace


12.  Map Showing Location of Property:




13.  Paragraph Briefly Summarizing Known History Of The Property: