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   Director's Report

  June 9, 2014

1.  Mill Managers Houses, 306 and 402 Dover Street, Pineville, N.C.  The Town of Pineville is continuing to consider whether it wishes to convey the structures to the Historic Landmarks Commission for restoration.  Staff will keep the Commission advised.

2.  Thrift Piedmont and Northern Depot, 8030 Old Mount Holly Road, Charlotte, N.C.  The North Carolina Department of Transportation is moving ahead with purchasing the new site and moving the depot.  Staff is still awaiting how  NCDOT wants the Commission to be involved in the project.

3.  Grier-Rea House, 6701 Providence Road, Charlotte, N.C.  There has been increased interest in the property.  Eric Gamble continues to market the property.  Eric Gamble's listing for the property expires on July 1st.

Staff has been discussing alternatives for the Historic Landmarks Commission to pursue with respect to the Grier-Rea House.  The Commission has been involved with moving, restoring, and attempting to market the property for 12 years.  The Commission sought to secure a rezoning for the property for office use, but the surrounding neighborhoods opposed the rezoning, and the City Council did not approve it.  The Commission has been unable to find another governmental agency willing to assume responsibility for the property.  A governmental use is permitted under existing zoning because the property has sufficient land and is on a major thoroughfare.

Staff believes that the Commission has three options:

a.  renew the listing agreement with Eric Gamble.  The current asking price is $499,000.

b.  upfit the three remaining bathrooms and place cabinets and appliances in the kitchen in preparation for renting the property as a residence.  Staff has secured an estimate from Lowe's to perform this upfit and for kitchen improvement.  The estimate is $6266.  The  HLC would have to approve these actions through the design review process. 

c.  Do the upfit and kitchen improvements listed above and use the Grier-Rea House as an auxiliary facility of the Historic Landmarks Commission.  It could be used for special meetings, seminars, workshops, made available to other historic and historic preservation agencies in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, including the UNCC graduate public history program. 

4.  White Oak Plantation, 7729 Hood Road, Charlotte, N.C. Staff met with a prospective buyer of the property.  He is most interested in using the property as an event venue.  Pat Nystrom has met with him to discuss how this could occur with the residential-only deed restrictions in place.  We have suggested that he submit a conditional offer on the property.

5.  Becoming Historic Landmarks Commission For Cornelius.  Cornelius has delayed its vote on whether to approve the Commission's becoming the Historic Landmarks Commission for Cornelius until June 16th.  Staff will attend the meeting.

6.  Torrence Lytle School, 302 Holbrooks Rd., Huntersville, N.C.    Staff has identified possible users and will be meeting with them to tour the property later this month.

7. Vintage Trolley Task Force.  Discussions  continue regarding the possible reactivation of Vintage Trolley service.  Charlotte Trolley, Inc. did not submit an application for consideration by the Design Review Committee at its May meeting.  Staff will advise the Commission when it receives a response by Charlotte Trolley to the Commission's approved action.

8.  Davidson Cotton Mill Houses, Delburg St., Davidson, N.C.  Staff has opened discussions with the owner of the house, who has expressed an interest in working with the Commission to preserve the house.  Staff will advise the Commission when updates become available.

9.  Rozzel House,  11647 Old Rozzelles Ferry Rd., Charlotte, N.C.  The property is being marketed by Gina Harris..

10.  Former Blankenship Oil and Feed Store, 330 Main St. Pineville, N.C. The tenant continues to occupy the buildings.  There have been expressions of interest. 

11.  Richard Wearn House, 4928 Tuckaseegee Rd., Charlotte, N.C.  The owner has agreed to the Commission's having a six month inspection period on the house.  Pat Nystrom is working on the necessary documents.

12.  Phillips House and Morris Barn, 131 West Charles Street, Matthews, N.C.  The owner has accepted the Commission's offer to purchase.  Pat Nystrom is working on the necessary documents.  Staff will be processing the property for historic landmark designation.

13.  Outen Pottery, 430 Jefferson St., Matthews, N.C.  The Town of Matthews asked for an inspection period to allow it to determine the cost of stabilizing the property and performing environmental cleanup.  Paula Lester and Staff are working to gather this information. 

14. County Manager's Recommended Budget.  The County Manager has recommended funding of a full-time position for Stewart Gray and $1 million replenishment money for the HLC's revolving fund.  Otherwise the budget remains the same.  In accordance with their contracts, HLC consultants will get 2 percent raises.