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The Commission is seeking suggestions about how to use the GM New Look Bus that ran in Charlotte from 1972 until 1992.  Send your suggestions to



Click Here To See A Video On The Bus 

Many people believe that historic preservation is just about saving buildings.  It is much more than that.  It is about identifying and protecting elements of our material culture that educate us about our past.  The GM New Look Bus was the principal component of Charlotte's transportation history during the turbulent 1960s and 1970s.  They were the first Charlotte buses to be air conditioned.  Their modernist design is an evocative reminder of the youthful optimism about creating a better world that swept the country as "baby boomers" came of age.

Click Here To See Delburg Mill Operative House

The Historic Landmarks Commission is considering purchasing and restoring this mill worker's house at 303 Delburg St. in Davidson, N.C.  Some do not realize that Davidson once had cotton mills.  Delburg St. is undergoing a transformation, as more and more of the mill houses are destroyed to create vacant lots for new homes.  The Commission believes that a full understanding of Davidson's history depends upon saving a remnant of the mill village.


The Historic Landmarks Commission has succeeded in marketing the Richard Wearn House to buyers who will restore the house of a Cornishman who came to Charlotte in the 1830s to participate in the Carolina Gold Rush.  The Commission is preparing a video that will explain this major preservation victory for West Mecklenburg.  The introduction of the video is complete and explains the history of the house. 

Click Here For Introduction To Video




Click Here To View Public Art:  A Piedmont Case Study


This documentary explores public art across the Piedmont region. Public art is a part of our public history, part of our evolving culture and our collective memory. It reflects and reveals our society and adds meaning to our cities. As artists respond to our times, they reflect their inner vision to the outside world, and they create a chronicle of our public experience.

Within a restored house, rebirth to take off at JCSU:  The Restoration of the Dr. George E. Davis House.  An article on the Davis House in the Charlotte Observer.

Click Here For New Website For The General Public (Under Construction)

Click Here For Thompson Orphanage.  Yesterday.  Today.  Tomorrow?

Click Here To View Video:  "Rural Mecklenburg.  A Vanishing Way Of Life (Youtube)

 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission

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June 2014 HLC Meeting

Presentation of Plaques

John Shurley with Lynn Weis

John Shurley with Louis Asbury, IV

L to R:  Louis Asbury, Frank Bragg, Jill Walker, Stewart Gray

John Shurley with Frank Bragg

Mary Lynn and Dan Morrill

Mary Carolyn Dominick

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